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car_undrwater's Journal

Caleb Bass
9 May
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((For RPG purposes only.))

Name - Caleb Bass
Age - 24
Sex - Male
Birthday - May 9
Ethnicity - White
Religion - Raised Catholic, Caleb does not attend church services anymore.
Sexual Orientation - Bisexual
Appearance - Standing at 5'9", Caleb has short brown hair and brown eyes. Frequently, he gets his hair trimmed in order to prevent it from growing out. If it gets too long, it becomes very curly. Caleb has an intense face. Often times, he is accused of giving someone a dirty look; however, the accusations are probably made because he has a very smug look. Caleb always dresses in formal wear. He is usually seen in a suit jacket and tie. He owns a lot of tailor made clothes and even has a large collection of coats and scarfs (some of which are monogrammed). Having a sharp image, Caleb has an attitude to match.
Personality – Caleb is cocky and sarcastic. His carries an attitude, but can easily adjust it when trying to woe a girl. He’s careless and arrogant. At times, he juggles more than one girl. Sometimes, he comes off as a prick, but other times, he comes off as the dream boyfriend. Caleb is the type of guy to always put himself first. He’s a player who could care less about the girls he uses. However, Caleb has the charm to talk him through a situation. He wins over his supervisors easily and efficiently.
Good Traits – Caleb’s a fast and effective talker. He has charm and class. He can quickly win his way to a ladies heart. He’s sweet, when not being cocky, and he works hard, getting his work done quickly.
Bad Traits – Caleb is a player. He goes through women like batteries. He’s arrogant with attitude and cocky with the looks to go with. Caleb is an expert at making enemies.
History – Caleb Bartholomew Bass was raised in Manhattan’s most elite social circles. He is the son of the wealthy Bartholomew Bass and his wife Misty and has a sibling named Donald. His family resides at the Plaza Hotel on the Upper East Side. He attended Riverside Preparatory School for boys on a scholarship. He grew up virtually friendless, but accepted by others since his parents are in the “in” crowd. He did befriend his roommate Dan Humphrey. The two remained friends throughout school until Caleb stole Dan’s boyfriend, Nate. The relationship was short lived however and Caleb ended up being sent to military school after not being accepted in the college he wanted. He only made it for eight months at the military school before escaping. He went to a different college where he went into forensics. He was working as a police officer in Manhattan before being promoted to detective when being hired at the 27th precinct.
Family Notes –
Bartholomew Bass – Father
Misty Bass – Mother
Donald Bass – Brother
Sweetie – pet monkey
Prior Job – Worked as a police officer in Manhattan.
Transportation – He has a blue 2008 Toyota Solara.
Social Status – Other than Dan, Caleb didn’t have too many friends. He was popular in school because of his family’s wealth. Throughout college, Caleb concentrated on playing the girls which he still commonly does. He can charm a person into trusting him with a few words. Others look at his as a prick though and dislike him.
Residential – Caleb travels back to Manhattan to the Plaza Hotel where he stays with his family. He is looking for a place much closer to his work.
Criminal Record – Ran away from military school.
Past Drug Use – Caleb’s only known addiction is alcohol.
Love Life - Caleb has many girlfriends here and there. His special talent is keeping one girlfriend finding out about another. His relationships are never serious in his eyes, and they never last long.
Children - None known.
Bad Habits - Having more than one girlfriend. Drinking and partying.